Dates & Times

2017 Dates and Times
*Closing times are approximate & subject to change depending on crowds and weather. To ensure that you are able to experience The Industrial Slaughterhouse and/or Night Terrors, please plan your visit earlier in the evening. In the event of inclement weather, please be sure to check our Facebook page for updates regarding closure of any of our attractions.
Blackout X-Treme
Every Sunday is BLACKOUT X-TREME for all of our attractions. These nights are: Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 

PLEASE NOTE: On BLACKOUT X-TREME nights, the lights will be turned off inside the BOTH attractions. Your group will be given a single flashlight to find your way through the Slaughterhouse and you will be given a glow stick to find your way through Night Terrors. If you wish to experience either attraction normally, please plan your visit for a Friday or Saturday. BLACKOUT X-TREME is Western Kentucky's ORIGINAL all-dark event!

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