Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Scary?

Of course! We know that not everyone will get scared, but our goal is to make you scream!

Can My Children Go Through?

We leave that up to the discretion of the parent. We have had grown adults wet themselves and run out screaming but we've also had young children that went through and thought it was awesome. Use your best judgment when bringing your children.

Are There Fog Machines, Strobe Lights Or Latex Inside?

Yes. We use fog, strobe lights, black lights, ambient lighting, latex, and special effects. If you're pregnant, asthmatic, prone to seizures, allergic to latex or have back or heart problems, you are advised not to enter our attractions. By entering, you do so at your own risk.

Will You Be Open If It Rains?

Both of our attractions are covered, so they will be open even if it rains. Waiting areas may not be covered so please plan accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets are $17.00 and include admission to BOTH The Industrial Slaughterhouse and Night Terrors Rebirth. 

Do You Offer Group Rates?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for groups of 10 or more when made in advance. Please contact us to discuss your group's needs. Group rates must be arranged prior to arrival.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

The box office at The Industrial Slaughterhouse accepts cash only. There is an ATM at First Community Bank 2 blocks from the Slaughterhouse

Are There Refunds?

Simply put: no. There are no refunds, period.

What Are Your Attractions?

The Industrial Slaughterhouse is a primarily indoor attraction, featuring live actors and special effects inside of an actual abandoned slaughterhouse! It features over 35 scenes/rooms and takes approximately 30-40 minutes to make it through, depending on your pace.

Night Terrors Rebirth is a primarily indoor attraction that's ALL-NEW for 2017! You'll make your way through several buildings and some outdoor areas. This is a completely different attraction from years past! Who...or lurking inside this mortuary? Once you find the answer, you'll be dying to get out...if you can escape being embalmed, that is! 

BLACKOUT X-TREME is only on Sundays. We turn the lights off inside the slaughterhouse and your group is given a single flashlight to find your way through. But what happens if your light goes out and you're left to feel your way around? Most of the haunted house is pitch black, though some parts are dimly lit. BLACKOUT X-TREME is a more intense way to experience The Industrial Slaughterhouse. This is Western Kentucky's ORIGINAL all-dark flashlight event! 

Do You Have Food For Sale?

Yes. There will be concessions available with hot and cold drinks as well as snacks.

Is This Place Really Haunted?

Over the years there have been unexplained occurrences experienced by both the actors and staff. Paranormal teams have investigated the building several times and have gotten some positive results. Some say this is the ghost of Cyrus Blackthorne or possibly other spirits, and others say it's just because the building is old. We'll let you decide.

Can The Monsters Touch Me?

No. And you can't touch the monsters or props either. Occassionally some accidental contact may occur but never on purpose.

What Should I Expect While There? What Should I Wear?

Expect to be scared! But expect to have FUN! Most nights there will be monsters roaming around outside, scaring, entertaining and posing for pictures. Inside you'll experiece dark passages, tight spaces, special lighting, flashing lights, disorienting environments, loud noises, fog, and an overall creepy atmosphere. You should wear older clothing and closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops, heels, etc) if possible to go through The Industrial Slaughterhouse, as some parts may be dirty/dusty/muddy and we wouldn't want you to get an expensive wardrobe ruined or get hurt. In Night Terrors you will experience tall grass and exposed, possibly uneven ground that could be muddy if wet.

Do You Have Bathrooms?

Yes. There is a single indoor unisex bathroom accessible from the front of the building.

What About When It Gets Really Cold?

We have fire barrels out front to help keep you warm. In addition there is hot chocolate for sale. Still, the best solution is to dress warmer for nights that are cold.

What If I Lose Something While Inside The Attraction?

The best way to avoid losing something valuable is to leave it in the car or better yet, leave it at home. That being said if you did happen to lose something while inside the attraction you can let a staff member know (or send us a message on facebook) and we can look for it the next day. Please note that we cannot stop the attraction while we're open to look for a lost item and cannot be held responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Can I Wear My Costume/Mask?

Costumes are allowed, at our discretion, so long as they don't conceal your identity in any way. We do not allow guests to wear masks while on the premises, nor do we allow weapons or large accessories/props. If your costume has either of these it's best to leave these items in your car. If you are seen with either you will be asked to remove it and take it back to your vehicle. NO exceptions! This is for our safety as well as yours.

Will I Still Get To Go Through If I'm In Line After Closing Time?

If you arrive and have your tickets before the box office closes then you will still be able to go through. Some nights ticket sales may close early so you are encouraged to arrive earlier in the night if possible.

Is It Wheelchair Accessible?

Unfortunately, no. There are many smaller and tight hallways that are not wheelchair accessible.

Can I Buy An Industrial Slaughterhouse T-Shirt?

Yes! T-shirts are available for sale each night. They cost $10.00 and run in sizes S - XXL. Hoodies and sweatshirts may also be available on a limited basis (prices on these may vary).

Are There Stairs Inside The Event?

No. We do have some areas that require you to step up/step down one or two steps, and some other disorienting floors, but you don't have to walk up or down any stairscases.

Can I Get Out Early If Needed?

Yes. If you find that you can't make it through for whatever reason (get too scared, have a medical situation, etc), we have several emergency exits to get you out as quickly as possible, just let one of our actors know and they should be able to direct you to the nearest one. There are no refunds if you can't make it through.

Can I Take Pictures Of/With The Monsters?

Our monsters outside are more than happy to pose for pictures with you or your group! The monsters inside, well, they're not so friendly! Taking pictures makes them angry, not to mention the flash hurts their eyes. No photos are allowed inside, but outside feel free to take as many as you like.

Can I Use My Phone/Flashlight/Lighter Inside To See?

No. Absolutely no phones, photography, flash photography or lighters are to be used while inside the haunted house. We realize some areas are dark. They have been designed this way. After all, this is a haunted attraction. Flash photography, outside flashlights and cell phone lights hurt the eyes of our monsters and lighters are just dangerous. If you are caught using any of these items inside you may be asked to put them away. Failure to comply may result in being escorted out of the attraction by security. (there are cameras throughout the building) On BLACKOUT X-TREME nights we will provide the flashlights for your group to use.

Do You Have Security?

Yes we do. If you are causing trouble, not following the rules or damaging property, security will be notified and you may be asked to leave.

What's Your Policy On Weapons, Drugs & Alcohol?

There is a ZERO tolerance policy for these. We do not allow these on the premises. If you are found to be in possession of these while at our attraction you may be asked to leave. If we suspect that you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may be denied entry. This is for your safety as well as ours.

What If My Child Is Too Scared To Go In With The Rest Of Our Group?

If your child cannot/will not go through the haunted house, they can wait outside with staff for you to go through.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Work Here?

The minimum age for new actors is 13 years old. If you would like to work, please visit the Join The Fright Team page.


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